Connect With Your Webinar Attendees on LinkedIn and Increase the Attendance 10X

Connect With Your Webinar Attendees on LinkedIn and Increase the Attendance 10X
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More and more companies do Webinars and they are a great way to engage a large audience to buy your product. We are sharing a new growth hack, how to increase the Attendance rate and connect after the webinar automatically.
Think about it for a second – there’s never been a better time to host an online webinar then now, people are working from home and want to learn!
So let’s dive in!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Ask for a LinkedIn URL in your webinar registration form (we use Zoom for this).
  1. Setup a webhook with Zapier from Zoom to to Saleshub and automate the process, remember to set a tag so you can engage later such as “Webinar + DATE”
  1. Prepare a new automation that sends a connection request to anyone who signs up for your webinar, informing them that you are looking forward to see them on the webinar.
  1. Continue the sequence after the webinar with follow-ups (e.g. links mentioned in the webinar, asking for their thoughts, and so on).
Using this flow, we managed to gain a 82.8% connection request acceptance rate and a 72.5% reply rate, both of which are well above any other LinkedIn campaign.

How to Connect Zoom Webinar to LinkedIn Outreach Campaign in Saleshub

So first step is to login to Zapier and connect Zoom or any other webinar platform.
1- First, what you need to do is to ensure you have a Zoom webinar subscription and when creating a webinar, you’ll need to turn on the required registration (in the settings) when someone wants to attend your webinar (they have it turned off by default).
notion image
2-After you’ve made it compulsory for people to register for your webinar, you can select the questions which you need to ask them regarding the information you need from them. To edit these questions, go to Registration Settings and click Edit in the upper right corner.
notion image
Then next add the question as shown here
notion image
4- The next step is simply, to connect a webinar in Zoom with Saleshub, you’ll need to create a Zap.
App: Zoom
Trigger Event: New Registrant.
5- Following you need to Select the upcoming scheduled webinar. In the Customize New Registrant section, choose the webinar which you like to run the automation on based on registrations.
6- Finish the edits and simply click Test & Continue.
NOW it is Second step from Zapier to Saleshub, which will import the attendees into our Saleshub Automation for this webinar.
So, first, you’ll need to create an Automation inside Saleshub based on my contacts as starting point.
Then go to Integrations and select Webhook in the bottom
notion image
Then, we need to connect it to Zapier. Select Webhooks by Zapier as the App and POST as Action Event.
notion image
Next Copy the webhook url from Saleshub and use as below the input fields to use can be found here.
notion image
Now that you are connected, make sure to setup for each webinar a Zap connecting Zoom with Saleshub and you can auto connect without being cheesy and increase attendance rate.
Here are some examples of LinkedIn Connection Request messages to use:
“Hi {first_name}!
I am super excited that i’ve found your name on the list for our upcoming webinar.
When i saw {{first_name} and {company_name}} name on the list i wanted to reach out right away.
See you on the webinar!
Next make a followup message after the webinar:Hi {{First_name}},
Was super excited that you joined our recent webinar 🙂
Quick question: was it valuable for you? Did you already get some campaigns running?
Then build in emails+Linkedin messages as it suits your follow up.
Remember once done it is 100% automated!