How to do LinkedIn Sales Prospecting with Sales Spotlights

How to do LinkedIn Sales Prospecting with Sales Spotlights
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So we all know Sales Navigator is a great please to Research and find customers! But did you know the feature Spotligt? If you have Linkedin Sales Navigator Core these are included and the base functions you should know!
Sales Spotlights is a LinkedIn feature that uses LinkedIn’s data to pick out the prospects in your search who are most likely to accept your connection request and engage with you.
Sales Spotlights are located in the left part of your search page in its own section and offers the following options:
  • The Job Changes spotlight identifies prospects who have changed jobs within the last three months.
  • The Shared Experiences spotlight uncovers prospects who attended the same schools, worked at the same companies, or belong to the same LinkedIn Groups as you.
  • The LinkedIn Activity spotlight shows prospects who have posted or shared content on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.
  • The Mentioned in the News spotlight uncovers prospects who have been mentioned in the news in the past 30 days.
  • The Leads that Follow Your Company spotlight uncovers prospects who follow your company on LinkedIn.
If you wonder why these truly matters, well people who just changed jobs and are in decision making roles, often comes to make an impact = spending on new solutions to improve their growth!
The people who are active on LinkedIn are more likely to engage with you, so the activity filter sorts out the “dead” people in the community who are less likely to talk to anyone on LinkedIn.

First option – Job Changes:

This function let you reach out to people who are new in their job and wants to make changes, often ready to buy during the first 90 days and are selection vendors!
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Second option – Shared Experiences:

This function let you reach out to people who have similar experience as you and make it easy to use as an Icebreaker, can be from same School, same companies in the past or you have LinkedIn groups in common.
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Third option – Posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days:

This is one of our favourite hacks at Saleshub, it provides a list of people who are engaged on LinkedIn and using their content as an Icebreaker makes it super easy to connect and build a connection. These are people using LinkedIn and odds they reply to you are 5-10X higher!
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Fourth option – Mentioned in the news the last 30 days:

Use their press mention as your Icebreaker, show you spend time reading about them mention the publication media and title. It is really simply to stand out and takes seconds with icebreakers by Saleshub.
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Fifth option – People who are following your company profile:

This is another great Sales Hack, reach companies who are actively following your brand and company. The are more likely to engage as they know your company when you reach out and you got a strong Icebreaker.
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No go break the Ice it is really simple! and Sell more!