Your guide to start a multichannel prospecting strategy for 2022

Your guide to start a multichannel prospecting strategy for 2022
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We have been preaching multichannel outreach for the last years and the diffrent between doing single vs multi channel is clear, it directly impacts the reply rate. It will ensure you sustain a high growth rate and crush your goals in 2022!
It will also assist you expand your network on LinkedIn and turn your profile into a lead gen machine. 🚀
Okay let’s get ready, because we’ll cover:
  • Why is Multichannel prospecting vital to your success and how does it work?
  • How to develop a scalable multichannel strategy
  • Examples you can copy to your business today
Let’s get ready to change your growth rate in 2022! 👇👇👇

What is Multichannel Prospecting?

Multichannel is not new as a concept, think about it in the old day you would send a physical letter, fax and call a person it goes all the way back prior to that. But technology has enabled cutting edge systems like to change the game and enable customers to create real multi channel campaigns, which typically includes:
  • 1-1 Personalization at Scale
  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Selling
  • Phone
To increase the odds of a person notice you and actually respond the more you automate and add into the mix a combination of these channels the higher is the likelihood you end up selling to them.

The big question is, what is in it for me using Multichannel Outreach?

It is very simply, if you like a higher positive reply that is exactly the desired outcome that you are creating. The reason is the more channels you engage with a prospect on, the bigger likelihood there is they actually respond to you and get back.
This is a great way to build out relationships, grow opportunities and slowly open up for potential sales and opportunities.
One example you can connect to a prospect tag them for later outreach, once connected they will start seeing you content, perhaps send them a white paper relevant to them and later engage, as now you build a trusted relationship where you are the expert in your field, yet you didn’t try to sell yet.

How to develop a multichannel outreach strategy

The fundamentals in a Multichannel outreach strategy is important, the basics is to create relations that then fosters opportunity, and not to sell directly.
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The outline for your strategy is to build relationships at first, move towards a trusted thought leader role where your content will establish instant credibility to the prospect.
Nothing is better than receiving relevant content that can help you scale and grow faster, in fact that opens the door for a followup just about the content piece which you happen to have the magic pill for 🙂
You can share and engage on multiple channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups and email to engage with the prospect and create true credibility.

Lets cover the rules of content engagement

Building relationships is the first credibility factor you need to master, if that one fails no one will buy from you, you represent your brand and by doing so you need to establish credibility.
This means at the first aspect you need to remove the sales hat and delay it in the process, we don’t tell you not to sell, we simply tell you to build trust first!
So how do you really do this? First use places like LinkedIn to do research and find relevant people you like to reach out to and build professional relationships with.
Define the person you know or got a got feeling that will benefit from your content and ultimately are the person you want to sell into. Define a few parameters:
  • Job Title (Persona)
  • Industry
  • Technology used (good icebreaker)
  • Location
  • Employee Range
Once you establish the above parameters you can start building relation ship and most importantly create two segments to test which one works better in the end! This way you have data to double down on!
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Now it is time to engage with them, which is simple, create a LinkedIn Search automation with a tag to Auto Connect and share the first content in a followup message with them (at this point do nothing else).
Once we are connected we need to follow them on LinkedIn and once they add something we know in the timeline, it is time to be open and resourceful = help them with your content. (Hint Create a content bank for your blog you team can use).
Comment with your content and show them true value.
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I left a comment as i bought and read the book, i wanted to share something i felt was missed out without saying it directly, Sangram is founder or Terminus and a dream customer and we end up getting to talk to the founder by engaging on a multi channel approach.
In the end others will read it and as he replied they will open our content and see the true value in it, and they will spread the word and others will end up requesting a demo! Trust + Credibility and notice i didn’t sell or or ask them to do anything.
Position yourself as a Thought Leader in your Industry
Have Jesper (Me) not positioned my comment as knowledgable without showing off, talking down to anyone I would not have gotten the reach and attention needed here.
It is important to provide quality and share and help other but NOT the entire day, that shows you don’t have anything else to do, and lack that trust and respect as a thought leader you are building up.
Do it in moderation.
Few things you can focus on:
  • Create your own content on the area/subject you are aiming for a Thought Leadership within.
  • Post valuable content on LinkedIn, Reddit etc
  • Comment with value (Do not sell) but actually provide value to conversations.

Post valuable content on LinkedIn that stands out

Sharing real lessons and give away value to others is again positioning you as a trusted leader. There are different styles where people share struggle stories for some it works, but we don’t recommend it as it will stand out more desperate than providing real value.
However sharing mistakes and lessons learned are another way to share things you provide value to others, so they don’t do the costly mistakes you did.
Ask question with Polls as an example is another way to gain reach and actually ask the users to provide insights.
Don’t just watch LinkedIn and be a silent participant but engage actively in the conversations.
In the end the number of comments you get or views is not always what matters, what matters is that the people you want to be in front of they see it. The rest is vanity metrics and something Social Selling people care about, but doesn’t double down to revenue.

Research content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the ability to sort content and make it searchable from the timeline, this is a brilliant way to find places to start a conversation such as our reasearch on who is talking about Leadfeeder which is superior too.
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Create your own content start a channel

Gary V didn’t start with million of followers but with a wine review show on youtube
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It wasn’t perfect but he kept going and look where he is today, a trusted Mentor, Advisor, Author, Entrepreneur with an outstanding reach to the world. I am not stating you are going to be Gary V, but not taking the step to create a channel you are certainly not going to get there.

How to reach out once people engage with my content

Great you are finally here, you established credibility, people seen value in what you provide online, you are protecting your brand (Company and Personal) and now that you are reaching out to prospective clients they will actually read your content.
It is time to start selling by solving what you preach and showing solutions.
This is last and most important step of your multichannel outreach funnel. You have to start engaging with your audience by transforming them into sales ready leads.
Once people know who you are, you can start reaching out. Your outreach will no longer be “cold” as they know who you are. You’ve done the main channels of multichannel outreach already, now the last aspect is to close the deal!
Here are the steps we recommend for your multichannel campaigns:
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Step 1 – LinkedIn profile visit and invite after

This shows to the person you did some research and showed interest in them before actually reaching out to them, it sparks interest to see you visited.
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Keep in mind do not visit more than 80 profiles a day and invite more than 20 people a day.

Step 2 – LinkedIn Message (Important step)

Followup on LinkedIn in sequel with an email is super important as you double down the chances they reply to you.
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It is important to do multiple steps as response rates are always higher even after a single follow up, take your time to design it right.

Step 3 – Emails (Important step)

You want to reach the prospect on their preffered channel if they don’t reply on LinkedIn give them the change on Email, and as they may have noticed you on LinkedIn you are increasing the odds of getting a reply when doing Multi Channel.
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Step 4 Add Real 1-1 Persinalization to the mix

Adding personalisation you can increase the likelihood for a reply but also stay out of the spam folder.It takes 30 seconds to personalize a person using and show you did your research it is really simple
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What sending limits and reply rates should i opt for? The below are best practice and if you achieve these numbers you are doing well.
  1. No more than 100 – 300 emails per week
  1. Open rate >50%
  1. Reply rate >20%
  1. Personalize 20% of the email
If you get the above right you don’t need any email warmup products they would be a waste of effort, as your outbound campaigns managed it.

Key takeaways for you

Now that you are fully ready to create your first and own multichannel outreach strategy. You can start to generate unlimited qualified leads, create meaningful and impactful relationships, and close more pipeline!
Your actions are to start scaling your LinkedIn presence, research your leads (always important), get your cold emails setup, and put your campaign on 🔥

What tools should I use for multichannel?

Cold email tool (like Saleshub), LinkedIn Automation (like Saleshub) Prospecting Platform for leads (, Social networks (like LinkedIn), CRM (like Hubspot), and a sales acceleration platform to make them all work together & scale today.
Go close more leads and let 2022 be a year of Hypergrowth 🚀