Ultimate Retarget Growth Hack

Ultimate Retarget Growth Hack
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What do you do when a Decision Maker or an Account you know are perfect for your solution doesn’t reply to your Emails, Linkedin request etc?
At first glance it seems hard to reach these prospect, but should it be? It is in fact really really simple, and i will guide you through the ultimate growth hack to connect with decision makers through outbound, intent data and retargeting.
I know it sounds complicated but trust me it is super easy
Okay, i will admit this growth hack cant be twisted in many ways to be on the edge to be black hat to perfectly viable, it comes down to where you draw the line!
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What tools do you need?

By starters you would need the following to build the ultimate hack to reach your ideal customers:
– Saleshub.ai Account
– Adroll Retarget account (free)
– Landing Page builder
– ExactVisitor People Tracking subscription for Saleshub
– A Domain for this campaign


Set your ideal target customer

These clients never responded to your emails and you know they are your ideal customer profile but the good news there is a simple hack to engage with them. The tactic is the following
1. Email Marketing list (make sure of a high deliverability)
2. Send them to a landing page with a high value something in it for them Landing page need
3. ExactVisitor installed + Adroll
4. Adroll will retarget them
5. Once they click the Ad to your site ExactVisitor informs you They show intent, and are ready to talk
6. You save the person from ExactVisitor Sync to your CRM
7. With Webhooks enable you engage them in a Saleshub Automation
8. Convert = $$$$$$
To understand how to set this up visit the video above to learn the method and moving on we will copy in some short snippets for conversation points here:
Example 1:
Hi {first name},
As you are in marketing we have conducted our annual survey around the drop in email replies. We are sharing the best practices and you can download them here: CTA
Example 2:
Hi {first name},
We are hosting a free online event with XYZ as speakers with round tables where we share XYZ. We are delighted to extend and invitation to you. Please fee free to signup here CTA
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The tactic is simple, yo want to drive them to your website from retargeting ads using outbound emails.
So lets make sure the landing page is ready, you have Adroll installed for retargeting, the whole concept is to design an offer that speaks to the Persona you are reaching out to and they actually click on the link in your email. This is all that matters at this point!
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Once they enter the landing page in this case Gong’s Level Up conference targeting Sales Professionals, if they embedded a pixel from Adroll their Ideal Customer Profiles will now get served with ads across the internet.
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As the ads now are placed, your potential customers that you are targeting are now seeing your adds as they browse Facebook and will remember you next time you cold email them.
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Once they visit ExactVisitor will send you a live notification and you know they have shown high intent in your product coming from the ads. This is done without they are filling out a form, and it is a strong identification of their market intent, as you know the person that clicked on your ad, and can reach out in real time.
Now it is time to re engage with them by email and close the customer that now are interested in your product and service.